It’s Easy To Overlook – That’s a Good Thing!

If noise, fumes, and a noticeable profile will pose problems because of your site’s proximity to traffic, homes, or businesses, you will want to compare the Magnum to your other technology options. The Magnum operates virtually noiselessly; there are no noisy air compressors or external motors.

The product exits the well inside the discharge tubing and runs directly into your tank or barrel via a bung, thus minimizing fumes. In addition, maintenance on the pump is accomplished by automatically winding the down-well tubing onto the Auto Seeker to raise the pump to the surface instead of hauling the tubing up by hand and spreading it out on the ground.

The compact control panel can be mounted unobtrusively on the side of a building and has a cover that may be locked. The Auto Seeker is less than two feet tall. Once it is positioned, it can be easily covered by a small enclosure if desired. This is the extent of the system’s visual “footprint.”

Installation can take one person as little as twenty minutes because the system is completely modular and, except for a connection to your power source, includes all you need to start pumping immediately. You don’t need to research and purchase additional equipment such as rate controllers, air compressors, and shutoff sensors. The three modules of the system—the control panel, auto seeker, and probe—are linked by included cabling which features our exclusive Slimline™ connectors. These are keyed to fit their correct receptacle for ease of assembly.

Each system also includes a shutoff sensor and cable, discharge tubing, and even a bung for your discharge tank.

Normal maintenance of the Magnum Spill Buster requires approximately ¼ hour of one person’s time two to four times per month (depending on your site conditions). The auto seeker raises the probe and pumps to the well surface, neatly winding the down-well tubing as it goes.

The pump is easily removed from the probe, so that it can be wiped clean, as well as its filter and screen. Then the pump is reseated in the probe, and the auto seeker returns the pump to the product/water interface.

The Magnum’s operation is automatic—24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 4 seasons of the year (through a temperature range of -40 to +60 degrees C). It requires minimal supervision, which is especially useful for remote site locations.

  • Once the available product in the well is pumped down to a sheen, the system enters a time delay to allow more product to flow into (recharge) the well. The Magnum will automatically adjust the delay time interval from 10 seconds up to 6 hours, based on the length of the pump cycle. The system circle delay time is a function of the recharge rate.
  • Since the Auto Seeker tracks any change in the interface that occurs during the time delay, there is no need to monitor and manually adjust the pump position.
  • If the product discharge tank becomes full, the full tank sensor signals the control panel to shut down the pump until the tank is emptied again.
  • And because the Magnum will not pump any water, the discharged product is the only waste material to require disposal.

The people you’ll turn to with service needs work side by side with the ones who built your Magnum Spill Buster. We have one facility for the manufacture, sales, and service of our equipment, and we’re small in number, so we know each other well and interact on a daily basis. We’ll have someone available to talk to you between 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. EST, Mondays through Fridays.

We’ll bring together our engineers and technicians to teleconference with you on your site layout if you’d find that helpful. We’re glad to stay on the phone with you while you’re installing your Magnum or performing adjustments to its settings. If you’re experiencing problems, we can often talk you through troubleshooting your system. If you’re having challenges with your site conditions, we’ll stick with you to help problem-solve for as long as it takes. We’ll stay in touch with you over time to make sure all is going well.

Standard AS Close-up
Close-up of standard AS with wires
Open box mounted to wall
Open box mounted to wall

The Magnum’s energy efficiency is kind to your bottom-line throughout the entire life of your project.

In addition to the dollars you save on labor and extraneous equipment over the life of your project, the Magnum also saves money and resources through its energy-efficient operation.

The Magnum uses less power than a 60-watt bulb. It times its operation to the recharge rate of the well so that it only pumps when there is accumulated product.

Because no water will be pumped with the NAPL, in many cases, the recovered product can be recycled and reused.

Once the Magnum has finished its work on your site, the affected groundwater can be treated in situ or left to the work of natural attenuation to complete the removal of the final sheen (less than 1 cm.). No other follow-up technology is required.