About Spill Buddy

The affordable Spill Buddy is a compact, highly portable, handheld, free product skimming system. It is designed to operate on-site to skim quantities of product (LNAPL or DNAPL). The Spill Buddy’s operation is based on the state-of-the-art ALPHA-ARRAY™ sensors in the probe that detect the interface between the product and the water. Audible feedback signals the user to keep the pump positioned in the product layer and allows product skimming with virtually no water pumped (dependent on operator’s reaction time in turning off the pump after hearing the audible signal for water).

The compact probe with an enclosed pump easily fits into wells as small as 2″ in diameter. The rugged, lightweight, and convenient Spill Buddy can skim up to 0.7 gallons of product per minute. Spill Buddy also has a self-contained, rechargeable battery for the sensor electronics and pump. The battery is rechargeable from a 12 VDC source (car battery or cigarette lighter socket - optional) or the wall transformer provided with the unit. Spill Buddy will operate for up to one hour of continuous pumping (approx. 40 gallons) per charge.

The standard length down-well probe is 50 feet (15 meters), but a 100-foot (30 meters) probe is also an option for deeper wells.

Spill Buddy Well Head Shieve Adapters
Spill Buddy Operation

Features and Benefits

  • Compact and lightweight – it won’t weigh you down.
  • Self-contained battery operation, with a convenient option to recharge in a vehicle between sites.
  • Keeps pumping water to a bare minimum (unless desired).
  • Guides the operator to interface with audible signals, which eliminates the guesswork.


  • Optional 100-foot down well probe for the Spill Buddy
  • Optional replacement battery
  • Optional power socket charger (“cigarette lighter” jack)
  • Spill Buddy wellhead pulley adapters

System Specifications

The Complete Spill Buddy Includes:

A portable reel with 50 feet (15 meters) of down-well tubing and pump with water interface detector, 120 VAC wall transformer charger, and 10 feet of nylon NAPL discharge tubing.

Minimum Skimming Thickness:

0.1 inch with no water pumped.

0 inches with a small amount of water pumped.

Pumping Rate:

Approx. 0.7 GPM for the Spill Buddy.

Pumping Head:

100 ft.

Pumping Time:

1 hour of continuous pumping per battery charge (approx. 40 gallons of product).


12VDC, 5 Amp-hours sealed lead-acid (included). We recommend a second battery as a backup on-site.

Battery Charger:

Wall transformer. A cigarette-lighter jack is available as an option for charging between sites.


Most hydrocarbons, floaters (LNAPLS), or sinkers (DNAPLS).

Note: The pump used in the Spill Buddy system contains aluminum parts that are potentially reactive with halogenated hydrocarbons.

Viscosity Ranges:

Standard pump - 0 to 10cp at 70°F.

Optional medium viscosity pump - up to 25cp.

Operating Temperature:

0° to 130°F ambient temperature.


18 1/2″H x 15″W x 8 1/2″D


19 lb. (with battery).