Delivering Comprehensive System Services and Field Support

Clean Earth Technology maintains a strong commitment to excellent product service and field support. This means that we set the same high standards of quality, precision, and reliability on our after-sales service as we do on our products.

Our service department will be happy to provide the following services:

  • Phone field support to help customers to get systems up and running.
  • Phone field support to help users to solve site-specific problems when encountered.
  • Phone support to troubleshoot system problems. We can often isolate problems to a single system module to identify service needs.
  • On-site assistance with system installations when requested.
  • On-site troubleshooting of systems when requested.
  • Repair estimates will be quickly provided upon equipment return.
  • Warranty issues will be handled promptly.

For technical support or service request, contact:
(p) (802) 425-3710 | (f) (802) 425-2896 | [email protected]

Our normal service hours are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday.

If it becomes necessary for you to return equipment to us for evaluation and servicing, we will issue you a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number and confirm that you have access to our RMA form. We require that a fully completed copy of the form arrives with your equipment, sealed in a packing slip pouch on the exterior of the box if possible. We may also ask that you email or fax us a copy ahead of your equipment’s arrival. You can find the RMA form on the back of the Magnum Spill Buster manual, or you can download the RMA form.

The RMA form must be fully filled out, especially the:

  • The type of product pumped.
  • A signature confirming the equipment was decontaminated according to the procedure specified on the form.
  • The decontamination date.

When you ship the equipment, the RMA number MUST be marked in large figures on the outside of the shipping container.