About High Viscosity Magnum Spill Buster

Clean Earth Technology’s newest product is a turnkey automatic recovery system that efficiently removes free-phase LNAPLS and DNAPLS as thick as #6 oils from underground aquifers while leaving the water behind.

We’ve adapted our unique sensing technology to work with standard pneumatic pumps, such as the Geotech PRS bladder pump and the QED 1301 Leachate pump. The sensor mounted to these pumps keeps the pump intake positioned in the product layer at all times. This reduces, to the absolute minimum, the amount of water that may be pumped.

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The Pneumatic Probe Features:

  • The ability to pump high viscosity oils such as #6 with no more than a trace of water.
  • The capability to pump up to 150 vertical feet (46 m.).
  • The versatility to recover LNAPL (using Geotech’s PRS bladder pump) and DNAPL (using QED’s 1301 Leachate pump).

CET’s new system offers you the versatility to purchase a complete turnkey system or a kit to retrofit a pneumatic pump you already own. If we have not yet adopted our sensors to your particular pump model, we welcome the opportunity to do so.

It is also an option for us to retrofit your previously purchased Magnum Spill Buster with the High Viscosity probe. Contact us for details.

Close-up of black and silver autoseeker
Close-up of black and silver autoseeker
Black gadget with tube
Black gadget with tube
Red and white system with connecting tubes
Red and white system with connecting tubes

System Description

The High Viscosity Magnum Spill Buster is an automatic product recovery system that combines Clean Earth’s unique interface sensing technology with a pneumatic pump. The result is a NAPL remediation system that can handle viscosities up to some #6 oils without pumping more than a trace of water.

The HV Magnum Spill Buster System Consists of Three Modules:

1. A NEMA 4 weatherproof main control box (an explosion-proof enclosure for the control box is available where required).

2. An automated reel called the Auto Seeker. The Auto Seeker is controlled by the main control box, connected to it by a 30-foot cable (a longer cable is available when the control box must be mounted farther from the well).

3. A down-well probe consisting of the pneumatic pump with an attached interface sensor, bundled wiring, air, and discharge tubing which attaches to the auto seeker via a pull rope. The standard length of the probe is 50 feet; custom lengths up to 150 feet are available to accommodate deeper wells.

For use with LNAPLs, the High Viscosity Magnum Spill Buster incorporates Geotech’s PRS pneumatic pump, which utilizes an air-driven bladder. The pump consists of a stainless steel outer housing, top and bottom check valves, and a flexible inner bladder.

Also Included in the Standard HV Magnum Spill Buster System:

  • A product tank inlet fitting
  • A product tank override probe with 30 feet of cable to the main control box (longer lengths are available)
  • A solenoid valve
  • 50 feet of nylon discharge tubing (OD 3/8”) (longer lengths are available)
  • 50 feet of nylon airline tubing (OD ¼”)
  • 100 feet of nylon rope
  • A wellhead bracket and PVC adapter for 2” wells
  • An air compressor is required to run the High Viscosity Magnum. We offer porter cable model C2002 for our customers’ convenience, or you may supply your own air compressor.

High Viscosity Magnum System Specifications:

Input Power:

115vac or 230vac, 100 watts max. or 24vdc, 75 watts max. with optional battery cable and deep discharge batteries. 5 amp circuit breaker in the system power switch.

Operating Temperature Range:

Ambient air temperature of -40F to +140F (-40C to 60C).

Pumping Rate for the Geotech PRS Pump:

.165 GPM at four cycles per minute.

Product Viscosity:

Products with a viscosity up to (and including) some #6 oils.

Well Diameter:

A 2-inch minimum for product recovery only.

Standard Well Depth:

50 ft. max.

Maximum Well Depth:

150 ft. (46 m).

Probe Dimensions:

1.912” (4.86cm) dia. x 28” (71.12cm) long. The standard probe cable length is 50 ft. (15.2m).

Control Box Dimensions:

14” (36cm) wide x 23” (59cm) high x 6” (15.4cm) deep. An additional 10” is required below for the cable exit, and an additional 14” is required in front and to the left for the door swing.

Standard cable length:

30 ft. (9 m) from the control box to the wellhead.

Product Tank Override Probe:

Threads into a standard 2” barrel bung. The standard cable length is 30 ft. (9 m).

Total System Weight:

55 lb. (25kg).