Innovative Groundwater Remediation Systems

Utilizing a Completely Unique Sensing Technology

Recover Free Phase Petroleum Products Without Pumping Any Water

Since 1990, Clean Earth Technology has designed and manufactured groundwater remediation equipment based on a completely unique sensing technology that enables our systems to recover free-phase petroleum products without pumping any water.

To all of our valued customers - the Magnum Spill Buster is no longer available.  We continue to accept repairs for the time being.  Thank you for your business over the last 30+years!

For lightweight LNAPLS and DNAPLS, the Magnum Spill Buster is our automatic recovery system, working 24/7 to efficiently remove the maximum amount of product in the shortest time possible.

We also offer a range of explosion-proof options for the Magnum Spill Buster that are compliant with NEC 2011, Section 500 for use in Class 1, Div 1 hazardous locations.

For heavier products up to #6 oils, our new High Viscosity Magnum Spill Buster combines our sensor module with a sturdy pneumatic pump.

If you make regular site visits where the product accumulates more slowly, our Spill Buddy portable reel system gives you a battery-operated option to quickly and effectively pump available free products from a number of wells.


Proudly Made in the USA

We have an experienced, knowledgeable staff who takes pride in supporting everything we sell with freely available technical support and excellent service. We’re glad to act as a resource for you as you plan your next groundwater remediation project.