System Specifications

Magnum Spill Buster


System Specifications


Complete Magnum Spill Buster™ System includes:  Magnum Spill Buster™ Control Box, Magnum Spill Buster™ Probe with 50’ down well cable, Auto Seeker with 30’ cable, and Product Tank Shutoff Probe with 30’ cable, and 50 ft. Nylon Product Discharge Tubing.


Input Power: 115vac or 230vac, 100 watts max. or 24vdc, 75 watts max. with optional battery cable and deep discharge batteries. A 5 amp AC circuit breaker is built into the System Power switch.


Operating Temperature Range:

Ambient air temperature of -40F to +140F (-40C to 60C).


Pumping Rate: 

Up to 46 gal/hr (175 liter/hr) @ 0 psi (zero depth & no discharge back pressure), or up to 37 gal/hr (140 liter/hr) @ 25 psi discharge back pressure. 


Product Viscosity: 

Products with viscosity of less than 10 Cp at 70 degrees F.  Examples:  gasoline, diesel fuel, #2 heating oil, JP-4, JP-5, paint thinners.


Well Diameter: 

2 inch minimum for product recovery only.


Standard Well Depth:

50 ft.(15.2m.) max


Maximum Well Depth: 

150 ft (45.7 m) on special order with 150 ft (45.7m) down-well cable. 



The Probe is certified compliant with NEC2011 specifications for use in Class 1, Div 1 locations.  DC power for the pump is supplied using a conductor pair that has an over woven metal shield along with a Tefzel overcoat. The signal wires also have a separate over woven metal shield.  The two cable bundles, along with the discharge tubing, are contained in a tough woven plastic protective scuff jacket.


Probe Dimensions: 

1.93” (4.9cm) dia. x 15.25” (38.7cm) long [cable size including the discharge tube is 5/8” thickness x 1 1/2’ width].  Standard Probe cable length is 50 ft. (15.2m)


 Control Box

Certified IS barriers are wired into the Probe and Override circuits in the Control Box in order to make them compliant with NEC2011 specifications.

Dimensions & Weight:

14” (36cm) wide x 23” (59cm) high x 6” (15.4cm) deep.  An additional 10” is required below for cable exit and an additional 14” is required in front and to the left for door swing.  Weight: 25 lbs. (11.34 kg)

Standard Auto Seeker

The Standard Auto Seeker is not rated for use in hazardous locations.


Dimensions & Weight (with 50’ probe attached): 14” (36cm) wide and deep; 20” tall (15.8cm).  Weight: 32 lbs. (14.51 kg)


Optional Explosion Proof Auto Seeker


The Explosion Proof Auto Seeker is certified compliant with NEC2011 specifications for use in Class 1 Div 1 locations.  Connections to all cabling now have positive threaded Mil-Spec circular connectors.


Dimensions & Weight (with 50’probe attached):  52 lbs. (23.59 kg)


Minimum Well Head Clearance for EXPLOSION PROOF AUTO SEEKER:  28”x24”x24” Deep (71 cm x 61 cm x 61 cm deep). (Does not apply to Standard Auto Seeker, which must be mounted outside of any classified hazardous areas)


Optional Explosion Proof Enclosure for the Control Box


The Explosion Proof enclosure is certified compliant with NEC2011 specifications for use in Class 1 Div 1 locations.  Comes with the control box mounted in a certified XP enclosure and includes three XP cable feed through fittings with Chico® seals.


Dimensions & Weight:  29” (73.66cm) tall; 11’ (27.9cm) deep; 18’ (45.7cm) wide, with an additional 18” required in front and to the left for door swing and an additional 10” (25.4cm) required below for cable exit.  Weight (with Control Box mounted inside): 210 lbs. (95.25 kg)


Optional Explosion Proof Enclosure AC Power Switch


This feature provides a convenient AC power switch mounted directly to the XP control box enclosure to enable the Spill Buster to be turned on and off at the box instead of back at the AC main power panel.


Standard Extension Cable length:  30 ft (9.1m) from Control Box to well head.


Override Product Tank Probe:  Threads into a standard 2” barrel bung.  Standard cable length is 30 ft (9.1m)


Total System Shipping Weight

Complete Standard Magnum System –aprox.  68 lbs. (30.84 kg)

Complete Magnum System with Explosion Proof Auto Seeker-  aprox. 92 lbs. (41.73 kg)

Complete Explosion Proof Magnum System-  aprox. 277 lbs. (125.65 kg) (includes Exp. Enclosure for Control Box)





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