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Pumps Oil Not Water!

Magnum Spill Buster, Automated free phase petroleum contamination pumping system ( shown with Explosion Proof Auto Seeker).

Magnum Spill Buster, Automated free phase petroleum contamination pumping system (shown with Explosion Proof Auto Seeker).

The Magnum Spill Buster™ is an automated free phase petroleum contamination pumping system. It is specifically designed to remove NAPL petroleum product from the water table via a 2″ or larger diameter well. Its unique auto-seeking device allows the pump intake to automatically follow the elevation of the oil/water interface as it fluctuates throughout the entire length of the well. The Magnum Spill Buster will not pump any amount of water.

The system can be wired to 115 VAC or 230 VAC power or is capable of true 24 VDC deep cycle battery/solar panel operation for remote site locations.

Optional water depression can be added to the system through a Clean Earth Technology Water Depression Module and a Grundfos Redi-Flo 3 water pump. The Magnum is also very compatible with vacuum extraction systems when a dual phase recovery system is desired.

The Magnum Spill Buster™ system is composed of three interactive modules:

Control Box

Magnum Spill Buster Control Box

Magnum Spill Buster Control Box

The Magnum Spill Buster™ Control Box coordinates and displays the condition of the system operation. The control box also allows certain system parameters to be varied according to site requirements.

The NEMA 4 weatherproof enclosure with its connector “pouch” (shown at right with its protective cover) provides easy access to the cables, adjustable controls, and AC wiring.

Explosion Proof Enclosure for the Control Box

The input power to the Control Box is 110-120 VAC. Therefore, the box must be located outside of any hazardous areas. If your site conditions require the box to be placed farther than 25′ from the well head, we can build custom sized cable lengths to accommodate the extra length required. If the panel must be located in a hazardous location, CET can provide an explosion-proof enclosure (Class 1, Div 1, Groups B,C, & D).

Slimline Close-Up

Cable terminations within the connector pouch utilize our unique, size-coded SLIMLINE connectors that pull through underground conduits easily and are color-coded for intuitive placement. They are extremely rugged and very easy to clean.

Auto Seeker


Standard AS Installation

Standard Auto Seeker Installation

The Auto Seeker is a small, motorized, reel assembly that automatically raises and lowers the probe to follow the NAPL interface through the entire depth of the well. This makes the system operation highly efficient even with large changes in the level of the ground water.

This self-winding feature also means that routine maintenance of the product pump is a matter of pushing a button to reel the probe to the top of the wellhead- eliminating the need to haul an oil-covered cable up by hand to spread out all over the ground.

New XP Spill Buster Auto Seeker - Portrait Picture

New Explosion Proof Magnum Spill Buster Auto Seeker

The Standard Auto Seeker is not rated explosion proof and should be mounted outside of all classified hazardous zones.  Refer to applicable codes for your site to determine how the Auto Seeker should be installed. On many sites it is possible to remove the Standard Auto Seeker from the classified hazardous area by raising it above the well head.  For example, the use of a wood or metal scaffold such as the one pictured to the right may accomplish this.

If the Auto Seeker must be located in a hazardous location, CET can provide an explosion-proof enclosure, utilizing Mil-Spec sealed connectors.  This version is certified for use in Class1, Div1, Groups B, C and D locations and may be mounted directly on the well head as shown to the right.


Exploded  View of Probe and Pump

Exploded View of Probe and Pump

The Magnum Spill Buster Probe is certified  NEC 2011, Section 500 compliant for use in the Class 1, Div 1 area within recovery wells. The 1.93” diameter Probe contains the patented ALPHA ARRAY™ interface sensors, as well as a small but powerful 12vdc electric product pump. These sensors are non-contact, fluid-interface sensors that are a spin-off of spacecraft fuel gauging developed for NASA. The use of this interface sensor in the environmental industry is unique. Since it is a non-contact sensor, it is highly immune to fouling, which is a problem with virtually all other types of sensing methods (including conductive, float, optical and even radio frequency methods).

The pump used in the Magnum is a modified off the shelf, diesel fuel pump. This pump is a rugged and chemically resistant roller vane unit capable of pumping up to 46 gallons ( 174 liters ) per hour of low viscosity liquids ( up to 12 Cp(see System Specifications below).

Recovery Tank Overflow Sensor

Recovery Tank Overflow Sensor

Also included with every standard system:

  • A Recovery Tank Overflow Sensor with 30′ of cable
  • 30′ Set of Auto Seeker and Probe cable extensions
  • 50′ of nylon discharge tubing with bung

Features and Benefits

  • All-modular system installs in 20 minutes
  • Pumps only product; the water stays behind- no costly, messy, surface separation
  • Keeps on pumping through temperatures -40 to 60°C
  • 24/7 automatic operation yields steady, impressive, results
  • Quiet & low profile- doesn’t draw attention in public places
  • Speedy, no-fuss maintenance
  • Uses less power to operate than a 60 watt bulb
  • Technical support from the designer and manufacturer is only a phone call away

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