High Viscosity Magnum System Specifications

Input Power: 115vac or 230vac, 100 watts max. or 24vdc, 75 watts max. with optional battery cable and deep discharge batteries. 5 amp circuit breaker in System Power switch.

Operating Temperature Range: Ambient air temperature of -40F to +140F (-40C to 60C)

Pumping Rate for the Geotech PRS Pump:   .165 GPM at 4 cycles per minute

Product Viscosity: Products with viscosity up to and including some #6 oils

Well Diameter: 2 inch minimum for product recovery only

Standard Well Depth: 50 ft. max

Maximum Well Depth: 150 ft (46 m)

Probe Dimensions: 1.912” (4.86cm) dia. x 28” (71.12cm) long.  Standard Probe cable length is 50 ft. (15.2m)

Control Box Dimensions: 14” (36cm) wide x 23” (59cm) high x 6” (15.4cm) deep. An additional 10” is required below for cable exit and an additional 14” is required in front and to the left for door swing

Standard cable length: 30 ft (9 m) from Control Box to well head

Product Tank Override Probe: threads into a standard 2” barrel bung.  Standard cable length is 30 ft (9 m)

Total System Weight: 55 lbs. (25kg)

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