Case Studies

Civil and Environmental Consultants

SITE – Old chemical processing plant in Pittsburgh, PA, next to the Ohio River (the river causes large fluctuations in the underground water table)

CET PRODUCT – Six Magnum Spill Busters with Explosion Proof Auto Seekers (for operation in highly explosive vapors) & Epoxy Probes (especially chemically resistant)

RESULTS – They have pumped 19,900 gallons of chemicals in 3 mos. time. The Magnum’s ability to adjust to the rise and fall of the water table allow it to keep pumping even during the near flood conditions of Spring.


SITE – Military Bases around the world, with underground jet fuel spills

CET PRODUCT – Magnum Spill Busters- on one site eight control boxes are mounted in a large NEMA box in a shed central to the wells

RESULTS – Steady Recovery of JP-4

Buckeye Pipe Line

SITE – Oil pipeline in Southeast U.S.

RESULTS – Periodic recovery of accumulated product along remote stretches of the pipeline

Irving Oil

SITE – Tank farm in New Bruswick, Canada. Depth to product was approx. 106 feet

CET PRODUCT – Magnum Spill Buster with custom built deep-well probe cable

RESULTS – This system has been in continuous operation for the last six years and produces a steady yield of recovered oil.

Agip and Mantova Refineries

SITE – Oil refineries located throughout Italy

CET PRODUCT – Magnum Spill Busters, many with explosion proof auto seekers and control box enclosures

RESULTS – The oil recovered by the Magnums is recycled back into production by the refineries.

Silex International

SITE – Various sites in France, most notably the site of the World Soccer Championships, which was contaminated with DNAPL

CET PRODUCT – Three Magnum Spill Busters

RESULTS – The site was completely cleaned up in time for the games.

ERM Northeast

SITE – “Red Devil” paint factory situated next to a river

CET PRODUCT – Four Magnum Spill Busters

RESULTS – Over 30,000 gallons of various paint by-products with multiple viscosities removed.

Roux Associates

SITE – Multiple ExxonMobil sites throughout the Northeast

CET PRODUCT – Magnum Spill Busters, Spill Buddies

RESULTS – At their East Boston site alone over 60,000 gallons of petroleum products have been removed.

Earth Technology

SITE – BP bulk storage facility in New York

CET PRODUCT – Eight Magnum Spill Busters with explosion proof auto seekers

RESULTS – Steady remediation occurring; The Magnums took the place of 88 systems using a different technology that were unable to keep up with water table fluctuations.

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